Bulk Trash Request Form


Specific bulk-trash types are gathered throughout the week. Please ensure that you request your bulk-trash pick-up no later than 10:00 a.m on Monday to be placed on the pick-up list for that week. Otherwise, your pick-up will be scheduled for the following week. Holidays may alter the special collection items schedule. Please call for specific cut off request dates.

Pickup Conditions

No more than the size of a living room set will be picked up at one bulk stop. Entire houselhold cleanouts will not be picked up by the Township. Carpeting and fence must be cut in lengths of 4-feet and tied with string or twine, and not weight more than 50 pounds. The Public Works Department will not collect hazardous materials and or construction/remodeling debris such as plywood, shingles, brick, stone, insulation, siding, concrete, sheet rock, flooring, and carpets.