The Environmental Commission of East Greenwich

Since 1996, the Environmental Commission of East Greenwich has worked to preserve the natural beauty of our community and to provide environmental education opportunities to residents. We assist with site reviews, host environmental workshops and habitat cleanups, and pursue projects that we believe will benefit East Greenwich and all those who live here.

We were proudly certified with Sustainable Jersey in 2013 and are pursuing recertification for this year 2020.

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Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. Currently via Zoom. Email to receive the meeting link.


Chris Nelson

Planning Board Representative

Brad Summerville

Environmental Commission Members:
Brad Summerville (Planning Board Rep’t.) (Expires 2024)
Chris Nelson-Chairman (Expires 2025)
Art Ebert (Expires 2025)
Bruce Hopper (Expires 2024)
Amelia Adams (Expires 2024)
Cindy Carola (Expires 2024)

Asa Jeppsson-Klapproth (Expires 2025)

Green Team Members:
Brad Summerville (Planning Board Rep’t.) (Expires 2023)

Chris Nelson (Expires 2023)

Art Ebert (Expires 2023)
Kevin Foth (Expires 2023)

Kevin Foth (Expires 2023)
Bruce Hopper (Expires 2023)
Amelia Adams (Expires 2023)
Cindy Carola (Expires 2023)
Asa Jeppsson-Klapproth (Expires 2023)
Leana Crowther (Expires 2023)