Construction Office

The East Greenwich Construction Department is the agency that enforces the New Jersey State Uniform Building Code and local building and zoning codes.

Before You Begin A Construction Project!

Call the construction department to determine whether building, plumbing or electrical permits are necessary. These permits are issued for YOUR protection- for safety, insurance purposes and to ensure that contractors follow the most current building codes.

Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to protect residents by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction thereby ensuring the public health, safety and welfare. If you need a permit for the work, the permit process and fees will be explained to you by department personnel and necessary forms will be given out. The building permit process helps to explain what our local laws and ordinances require. Before any construction, demolition, or remodel work begins, an application for a permit must be made. Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to inspect construction during different phases of the project to ensure that appropriate materials are used and minimum standards are met.

There is certain construction work that you may be allowed to do without first obtaining a permit such as laying floor (not wall) tiles, painting, replacing same size windows or doors, repaving driveway with same material & size etc. If you are in doubt a call to the Construction Department is recommended.

Permits must be obtained before the start of work except that emergency replacement of furnaces, boilers and water heaters will be allowed as long as Construction Department is notified by phone or email at the time of replacement and permits are obtained within five days.

Contact the Construction Department before any of the following work is performed:

Boiler / furnace / heating / air conditioning
Window replacement if changing size or type
Miscellaneous residential construction such as siding, decks, patios, driveways etc.
New building
Oil tank removal
Finishing basement

Uniform Construction Control Clerk

Regina Wolfer

(856) 423-0654 ext. 8131
(856) 423-7908

Construction Official, Building Housing Inspector, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Andy Hoglen

(856) 423-0654 ext. 8132
(856) 423-7908

Certificates of Occupancy for Resale and Rental Property

All changes of occupancy (commercial, residential and rental) will require an inspection before a new Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained. Applications are available at the construction office and inspections can be scheduled with them. Inspections will be done using a township-approved checklist; a copy is available for you. The fee is $45.00 and inspections will be made on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

East Greenwich - Green Building Community

East Greenwich is committed to green building in our community. Please read the recently-passed resolution for more information.

Resolution No. 42-2022 - Green Design - Municipal Buildings Resolution