East Greenwich Municipal Court


Please read carefully the information on the Traffic Ticket and Summons issued to you by the Police Officer. All information pertaining to your court appearance is contained on the Traffic Ticket and Summons. If after thoroughly reading your Traffic Ticket and Summons, you determine that a court appearance is NOT required and you further determine that you wish to plead guilty and give up your rights to have a lawyer and a trial, please follow the detailed procedure on the back of your Traffic Ticket and Summons for sending payments. If you have more questions about the Municipal Court System, contact us.

For on-line information and payment options, log on to: NJMCdirect.com.

Contact Court
Phone: (856) 423-3010

Fax:  (856) 423-6666

 If you are trying to reach the court office when the court is in session on Mondays, we will not be able to answer our phones so please send us an email to court@eastgreenwichnj.com. We will reply back to your message as soon as possible.  

Court Administrator

Denise Athey

(856) 423-3010 ext. 8301

Deputy Court Administrator

Maria Tiver

 (856) 423-3010 ext. 8302

Violations Clerk

Ashley Haynes

 (856) 423-0654 ext. 8303

Municipal Court Judge

Martin Whitcraft

What should I expect when I go to court?

Do I need to appear in court if I choose to plead guilty and pay the fine?

If the “Court Appearance Required” box has not been checked on the complaint and if the charge is listed on either the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule or the Local Violations Bureau Schedule, you may pay the fine without appearing in court. The Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule is a list of state offenses that may be paid without going to court. The Local Violations Schedule is a list of municipal ordinances that may be paid without going to court. You can pay your fine at the court’s payment window, by mail or by going to NJMCdirect.com. If you pay without going to court, you will be pleading guilty and giving up your right to a lawyer and your right to a trial.

Court appearances are always required in criminal matters.