Trash & Recycling

Trash and recyclables are picked up the same day in your specific zone in the township.

Place your trash and recyclables in their designated containers curbside after 5:00 pm the evening before your scheduled collection day. If you prefer to wait until collection day it must be out by 5:00 am. Please remove all cans within 12 hours of collection.

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Located at: 159 Democrat Road, Mickleton, NJ 08056
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Anthony Rossett

Public Works Manager

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Solid Waste: South Harrison

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(856) 478-6045 ext. 14


Zone 1

Monday Pickup

Zone 2

Tuesday Pickup

Zone 3

Thursday Pickup

Zone 4

Friday Pickup

About Your Free Cart, Trash and Recycling

The Public Works Department handles all collections with a semi-automated system that requires the use of a specially designed cart.

Trash & Recycling Guidelines

Using a Shared Service, Logan Township collects our Trash & Recycling for the residents of East Greenwich Township using a fully automated system. Please read, there are important changes to the way Trash & Recycling will be collected.

ALL TRASH AND RECYCLABLES are picked up on the same day in your specific zone in the township. Place your trash and recyclables in separate containers curbside the evening before your scheduled collection day.

ZONE 1: Monday Pickup
ZONE 2: Tuesday Pickup
ZONE 3: Thursday Pickup
ZONE 4: Friday Pickup


This new automated system requires the use of a specially designed cart. Regular garbage cans cannot be used with this system. You are required to use the brown automated cart that was issued by the Township. The cart is the only container that may be used for your regular household waste. The cart is designed to handle normal household trash from a six (6) member family that recycles properly. Only trash placed in the cart will be picked up.

The cart has been stamped with a serial number and is the property of The Township East Greenwich. Should you move from your current location, the cart must remain for the next resident.

Using the Cart

Before moving the cart, grasp the handle and tilt back slightly towards you. Push or pull the cart to roll it. Use care when rolling on slopes, inclines and/or steps.

Place your cart out for collection by 5:00 am on the morning of you weekly collection day.

Please do not place your cart out before 5:00 pm on the day before collection day and please remove cart within 12 hours of being collected.

Where to place your cart

Set your cart at the curb or at the edge of the street in front of your house with the handle facing your house. The truck will return the container to the same place when empty. The cart must have 4 feet clearance around it in order to be properly emptied. Please ensure the cart is set away from utility poles, vehicles, basketball nets,ect. In the event of snow please do not place carts in roadway.

Cart maintenance and upkeep.

Never put food waste directly into your cart. All trash must be placed into sealed plastic trash bags to reduce odors and insects. Periodically wash out the cart with regular soap and water to reduce odors. Sprinkling ammonia into the cart will also reduce odors and pests. Try to store cart in a cool dry place when possible and keep out of sunlight, as the UV rays are detrimental to plastics.

What to put in the cart

Your cart is designed for the disposal of normal household trash. All materials shall be placed into sealed plastic bags. Pet owners shall double bag pet wastes and cat litter. Saw dust shall also be bagged and sealed. Syringes must be placed in a plastic container and be clearly marked.

What not to put in the cart

The following items may not be disposed of in the cart: recyclables, hot ashes, ammunition, motor oil, chemicals, grass, leaves, sod, concrete, flammable liquids, hazardous waste, paints, solvents, contractors debris, dead animals, and tires.

Questions on the disposal of any of these items listed above please contact the Municipal Clerk’s office.


East Greenwich Township utilizes a single-stream recycling program. This means you place all of your RECYCLABLES in one blue wheeled cart provided by the Township. Only what is in the blue recycling will be picked up. All boxes must be cut up to fit in your cart. We do not offer second carts.

What can be recycled in the Recycling Cart?

Recyclable Materials

Aluminum cans
Plastic Containers #1 and #2 only
Glass Bottles*
Cereal Boxes
Steel cans
Detergent Containers
Glass Jars*
Newspapers or Magazines
Tin Cans
Plastic Milk Containers
Telephone Books*
1. Paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes, corrugated and regular cardboard. Large boxes should be broken down and placed in the blue cart. If you excess cardboard, you can bundle it, leave it next to your cart. You need to call 423-4361 at least 48 hours before your collection day.
2. No plastic bags of any type.
3. Glass bottles, jars, and jugs (lids removed); steel, aluminum, metallic cans, and clean foil.
4. All recyclables must be free of food residue.

What should not be placed in the recycling can?
1. Sharp or hazardous objects.
2. Oily, greasy, food contaminated or wax coated cardboard.
3. Paint cans.
4. Styrofoam of any type is not recyclable in East Greenwich Twp. regardless of the symbol.
5. Plastic toys or any plastic without a recycle symbol.
6. Batteries.
7. Safety glass, drinking glasses, or other glass without the recycle symbol.
8. Plastic grocery type bags.
9. Any chemically contaminated container (such as auto oil or pesticides) even if it has a recycle symbol on it.
10. Regular household waste or any item otherwise listed below.

Where to place your carts

Set your cart at the curb or at the edge of the street in front of your house with the handle facing your house. The truck will return the container to the same place when empty. The cart must have 4 feet clearance around it in order to be properly emptied. Please ensure the cart is set away from utility poles, vehicles, basketball nets, etc. In the event of snow please do not place carts in roadway.


Request on or by calling (856) 423-4361


Bulk items will be collected the first 4 Wednesdays every month. You must call the hotline or email your request no later than 10:00 a.m on Monday to be placed on the Bulk list. You will need to leave your name, address, phone number and bulk item to be collected. Bulky items include but not limited to: doors, windows, carpets, fence, and furniture. No more than the size of a living room set will be picked up at one bulk stop.

Note: Carpeting and fence must be cut in lengths of (4) feet and tied with string or twine, and not weight more than (50) pounds.

The following items will not be collected by the Public Works Department: hazardous materials and construction and remodeling debris such as plywood, shingles, brick, stone, insulation, siding, sheet rock, flooring, and carpets if work is done by a contractor.

Also household cleanouts will not be picked up by the Township.


Large metal items such as appliances (doors removed), water tanks, metal doors (glass removed), grills, lawnmowers, chairs, etc. require advance notification and are collected every Friday. Please request no later than 10:00 a.m. on Thursday to be put on the list.

Regulations require that electronics (e waste) be recycled. E waste is picked up on Friday along with metal items. Please request before 10:00 a.m on Thursday to be added to the pickup list. E waste is all electronics including computers.

* Please Note: Holidays may alter the special collection items schedule. Please call for specific cut off request dates.

NO Request needed


Grass collection officially begins the first week of April and ends the last week of October.

Residents with regular household trash collection on Tuesday and Wednesday will have grass collection on Monday.
Residents with trash collection on Thursday will have grass collection on Tuesday.

The semi-automated collection system will be utilized to pick up grass. Grass will be picked up in green 64 gallon carts provided by the Township. One cart will be provided for each Resident who calls and orders one. If one cart is not enough, you are permitted to utilize your regular trash can as well. Paper yard waste bags may also be used, plastic bags will not be picked up.

Grass may also be deposited in the dumpster behind the Public Works Garage located at 96 E. Rattling Run Road. (empty loose into dumpster: do not include the bag, limbs or branches)


Limb and Branches will be picked up between March Thru October. Limbs and branches must be placed at the curb with the butt ends facing the street. No brush shall be placed in the street.. Every first and third week the Public Works department will work their way through town beginning on Tuesday and continuing until all branches are picked up. There is no need to call the Municipal Building. Limb and Branch pickup is for tree and shrub trimming.

Please be advised that lot clearing and taking down entire trees is the responsibility of the homeowner and will not be picked up by the Public Works Department. If a contractor does the work, they must dispose of the tree debris.


(November 1 til week before Christmas) leaves are collected curbside. For collection, please rake your leaves to the edge of your property (not the street). Do not mix leaves with branches, trash or garden waste. . Leaves may also be deposited in the dumpster behind the Public Works Garage at 96 E. Rattling Run Road (empty loose into the dumpster; do not include the bag, limbs or branches).


Trees will be picked up curbside the FIRST THREE WEEKS IN JANUARY. Be sure to remove ALL ornaments, wire, and tree stands from the Christmas trees.


Latex paint must be dried by kitty litter or "paint dry" substance. When the entire can is dry or empty it may be placed at curb with the lid removed for pick-up.


NEVER place any hazardous item in the trash or recycle container. To protect the environment, the employees and the residents there are many items not accepted for pick up. These items include oil based paint, oil, solvents, pesticides, gasoline, propane tanks, chemicals, lead or ni-cad batteries and many more. These items may be disposed of by contacting any solid waste complex found in the phone book or as listed below.

Gloucester County has a series of collection days for residents to drop off “Household Special Waste” at the Solid Waste Complex in S. Harrison. Check the Gloucester County Improvement Authority’s website for acceptable items. 856-478-6045 ext 14.

East Greenwich Township

Address: 159 Democrat Rd. Mickleton, NJ 08056
Phone: (856) 423-0654

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