Dog License Due Beginning January 3, 2020

Free Rabies Clinic Saturday, January 25


The Free Rabies Clinic will be held Saturday, January 25th, 2020 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm @ 96 E. Rattling Run Road (Public Works Garage) in Mickleton. The Municipal Building will be open 10 am to 12:30 pm to process dog licenses.


Dogs that reside in the Township must be licensed each January. Any new dog that is 7 months of age or has permanent teeth and is kept within the Township for more than 10 days needs to be licensed in the Township, even if the dog has been licensed in another state. Dogs licensed in New Jersey municipalities will need to renew when their current license expires.


Protection for your dog: Any lost dog wearing a license can be returned to its owner through the Police Department, Township Clerk, Society to Protect Animals or the G.C. Animal Shelter.

Protection for you: All dogs must be up to date on their rabies inoculations in order to be licensed, which in turn will protect you and your family from rabies exposure.


Licenses may be obtained in the Municipal Clerk’s office during regular business hours.

Licenses may also be obtained by mail or by placing the below items listed below in the “drop box” at the left side of the front door of the municipal building.

Our address is:
East Greenwich Twp.
159 Democrat Road, Mickleton, NJ 08056.
Attn: Dog License Clerk.

You must enclose following (all information will be returned)
- Self addressed stamped envelope
- Copy of rabies certificate valid through October of the current year
- Appropriate fees- Check payable to Township of East Greenwich


Cost of 1 year license:
$8.00 per spayed/neutered dog
$11.00 per non-spayed/non-neutered dog
$10.00 late fee assessed beginning March 1
$ - Fine as per State statute for each dog if summoned by police for failure to license**

Print the Dog License Form

For more information, please visit our Dog Licensing page.

To view a list of the Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics in Gloucester County, visit the link below.